Award to Be Presented to Tom Luddy by Rick Nicita at “Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon:An American Cinematheque Tribute”

Rick Nicita, American Cinematheque Chairman, will Present the Telluride Film Festival's Tom Luddy with the Sydney Pollack Award at the Cinematheque's Annual Fundraising Gala on March 27 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Hollywood - Tom Luddy, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Telluride Film Festival, will be presented with the second annual Sydney Pollack Award on March 27, 2010. The Award will be presented by Rick Nicita, Chairman, Cinematheque Board of Directors. The Sydney Pollack Award is presented at the top of the evening at the American Cinematheque's benefit "Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque Tribute" at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. This portion of the evening will not be broadcast.

About the Sydney Pollack Award
The Sydney Pollack Award is presented by the American Cinematheque in honor of Sydney Pollack (1934 - 2008).long-standing support and early leadership on the Cinematheque Board of Directors was instrumental in ensuring the Cinematheque's future. He was a member of the Board of Directors for 24 years (1984 to 2008) and served as Chairman of the Board from 1985 to 1993. Sydney Pollack's involvement with the American Cinematheque grew out of his belief in the importance of the proper exhibition of all kinds of films - old and new, American, foreign, independent, etc. in an atmosphere that encouraged a dialogue between filmmakers and the audience. He was also very aware of the importance of film preservation and independent filmmaking, and was a founding Board member of The Sundance Institute and the Film Foundation. The Sydney Pollack Award honors someone who has been of critical importance and continuing influence in non-profit film exhibition, film preservation and/or independent film distribution - people whose work Sydney supported and found to be so valuable, who are not often recognized for their efforts. The first Sydney Pollack Award was presented to Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer, Tribeca Enterprises on December 1, 2008. At the time, Gilmore was Director of the Sundance Film Festival.

Tom Luddy's influence in the international film scene has been felt, often quietly, since the early 1960s when his creative programming for the F.W. Murnau Film Society, Slate and the ASUC Society at the University of California, Berkeley set the stage for his work with filmmakers, offering introductions that helped launch careers and a desire to make certain their films were screened to appreciative audiences. During this period he was hired to write program notes and consult on programming for the Berkeley Cinema-Studio Guild cinemas.
Upon graduating from UC in 1966, he embarked on numerous projects, often simultaneously. Brandon Films hired Luddy as director of National Distribution where he worked with countless film societies, museums and other venues to encourage adventurous programming. In 1967 Luddy became Assistant to the San Francisco Film Festival's Artistic Director, Albert Johnson, a position he held until 1973. As Program Director and Manager of the Telegraph Repertory Cinema from 1968-1972 and a partner with veteran exhibitor Mel Novikoff at the Surf Interplayers in San Francisco, Luddy was able to offer a variety of screens to emerging directors and provide audiences a chance to discover the history of the moving image. In 1968 he curated a complete retrospective of Jean-Luc Godard on the UC campus in Berkeley with the director in attendance. Dan Talbot asked him to write the notes for the first New Yorker Films catalog. The Pacific Film Archive at Berkeley's University Art Museum opened a full-time Cinematheque in 1971 and Tom became Program Director in 1972 and was Director from 1975 to 1979. In a short period of time the bold programs at PFA became known both locally and globally, establishing the venue as one of the most important places to experience retrospectives and encounter new talent. Many filmmakers brought new works to the PFA so they could present them and obtain valuable feedback. Luddy was able to obtain many rare prints for the Archive collection, encourage restorations and gladly provide advice for others inspired by his work.

In 1974 Bill Pence, James Card and Stella Pence asked Tom to join them as Co-Founders and Co-Directors of the Telluride Film Festival, where he continues as Co-Director today. The Telluride Film Festival is presented each year over the Labor Day weekend in a remote Colorado mountain town 9,000 feet up. The programming emphasizes discovery for audiences with two dozen new features, three Tributes, numerous programs of shorts and documentaries, a selection of classic restorations (including silent films with live music) and a selection of rare movies curated by guest directors that have included Donald Richie, Salman Rushdie, Don DeLillo, Laurie Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Stephen Sondheim, Errol Morris, Bertrand Tavernier and Alexander Payne. The program is kept a secret until that weekend.

Film festivals look to Luddy for his guidance and he has served as Associate Director of the San Francisco International Film Festival (1980-83), where he was later a Board President and currently is a member of the Advisory Board; Jury Member at Cannes, Moscow, Berlin, Cartegena, Mexico City, Morelia, Tehran and San Paolo Film Festivals; member of the New York Film Festival Selection Committee (1979-82) and West Coast Programming Consultant (1978, 1983-84); and Program Curator for the Documentary Film Institute at San Francisco State University (2005-present).
Tom Luddy has been associated with American Zoetrope since 1979. As Zoetrope's Director of Special Projects, he developed and supervised the 1981-82 worldwide revival of Abel Gance's 1927 masterpiece NAPOLEON, as well as the presentation across America of Hans-Jurgen Syberberg's seven-hour OUR HITLER - A FILM FROM GERMANY in 1980. Luddy coordinated Zoetrope's sponsorship of Godfrey Reggio's KOYAANISQATSI (1983). As an executive or film producer, he worked with Jean-Luc Godard, Gregory Nava, Akira Kurosawa, Paul Schrader, Fielder Cook, Norman Mailer, Barbet Schroeder, Godfrey Reggio, Dusan Makavejev, Carroll Ballard, Sherwood Hu and Agnieszka Holland.

The American Cinematheque Award presentation gala (now in its 24th year) funds the year-round community film programs of the American Cinematheque, the non-profit, view-supported arts organization that preserves the historic 1922 Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and the 1940 Aero Theatre on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.
The American Cinematheque's public programming celebrates the art of the moving picture in all of its forms -- from the classics to American independents, the latest international productions, documentaries, shorts, animation and experimental projects. Series are highlighted by screenings of rare works, special prints and audience discussions with filmmakers. The Cinematheque is dedicated to preserving the movie-going experience -- presenting films on the big screen as they were meant to be seen and heard. For more information about what you can see onscreen this week:

Read about this event and others on our website,

About American Cinematheque

Established in 1981, the American Cinematheque is a 501 C 3 non-profit viewer-supported film exhibition and cultural organization dedicated to the celebration of the Moving Picture in all of its forms. At the Egyptian Theatre, the Cinematheque presents daily film and video programming which ranges from the classics of American and international cinema to new independent films and digital work. Exhibition of rare works, special and rare prints, etc., combined with fascinating post-screening discussions with the filmmakers who created the work, are a Cinematheque tradition that keep audiences coming back for once-in-a-lifetime cinema experiences. The American Cinematheque renovated and reopened (on Dec. 4, 1998) the historic 1922 Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. This includes a state-of-the-art 616-seat theatre housed within Sid Grauman's first grand movie palace on Hollywood Boulevard. The exotic courtyard is fully restored to its 1922 grandeur. The Egyptian was the home of the very first Hollywood movie premiere in 1922. In January 2005 the American Cinematheque expanded its programming to the 1940 Aero Theatre on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.


Co-Presented with the Film Noir Foundation

Noir Experts, Authors and Founders of The Film Noir Foundation, Eddie Muller and Alan K. Rode to Host Festival Discussions with In Person Guests, Actors Julie Adams, Richard Erdman, Rhonda Fleming, Karen Sharpe Kramer, Paul Picerni and Author Robert Dix

Plus, Booksignings with Paul Picerni and
Robert Dix (son of Richard Dix)

April 2 - 18, 2010 at the Egyptian Theatre

The Cinematheque's Most Hotly Anticipated Revival Festival: The 12th Annual Festival of Film Noir

These Films are Egyptian Theatre Exclusives!

April 2 - 18, 2010 at the Egyptian Theatre
Presented in collaboration with Film Noir Foundation.

The venerable NOIR CITY film festival returns to the Egyptian Theatre for its 12th year, presenting an astonishing array of rarities available ONLY on the big screen! We've scoured studio archives to assemble a feast of film noir that can only be consumed in its original 35mm format, in the glorious darkness of a vintage movie palace!

The series is co-presented with The Film Noir Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring America's noir heritage.

This year's program features the Los Angeles premiere of the Film Noir Foundation's restoration of CRY DANGER, a must-see for noir fans and lovers of old Los Angeles locales; unearthed gems from William Castle's pre-1950s resume; a queasy quartet of Gothic noirs; a George Raft tribute double bill; two new prints from THE WHISTLER film series; stunning femmes fatales (Rhonda Fleming, Claire Trevor, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Hedy Lamarr, Laraine Day, Cleo Moore, Anne Baxter); an amazing assortment of noir heavies (plenty of pre-Perry Mason Raymond Burr and William Talman); and the long-awaited reappearance of one of the most sought-after "lost" films in the noir canon: NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL! This may be the last chance to ever see these extraordinary films on a big screen - don't miss a single one!

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Series compiled by Eddie Muller, Alan K. Rode, with the assistance of Gwen Deglise and Grant Moninger. Program notes by Eddie Muller and Alan K. Rode.

Friday, April 2 - 7:30 PM
Bill Bowers Tribute Double Feature:
New 35mm Restored Print!
CRY DANGER, 1951, Paramount, 79 min. Dir. Robert Parrish. One of the most wicked and witty revenge yarns of the original film noir era is also an amazing tour of midcentury downtown Los Angeles. Screenplay by Bill Bowers, based on Jerome Cady's story. A new 35mm restoration courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation and the UCLA Film and Television Archive. NOT ON DVD
TIGHT SPOT, 1955, Sony Repertory, 97 min. Dir. Phil Karlson. Screenwriter Bill Bowers is back, providing a whip-crack rendition of Leonard Kantor's stage play about a tough dame (Ginger Rogers) being squeezed by the D.A. (Edward G. Robinson) to testify against a mob boss. Rhonda Fleming and Richard Erdman in person! NOT ON DVD

Saturday, April 3 - 7:30 PM
George Raft Tribute Double Feature:
, 1949, Warner Bros., 83 min. Dir. Roy Del Ruth. San Francisco truck company owner Johnny Torno (George Raft) seeks revenge on the killers of his priest brother, who left a clue to the culprit's identity in a missing Bible. NOT ON DVD
JOHNNY ANGEL, 1945, Warner Bros., 79 min. Dir. Edwin L. Marin. Ship captain Raft plays straight man to a cast of colorful actors - Claire Trevor, Signe Hasso, Hoagy Carmichael, Marvin Miller and Margaret Wycherly - as he pursues his father's killer through a backlot New Orleans demimonde cunningly photographed by Harry Wild. NOT ON DVD

Sunday, April 4 - 7:30 PM
William Castle Tribute Double Feature:
, 1951, Universal, 76 min. Dir. William Castle. Richard Conte plays a wannabe independent producer who buys a vacant studio lot and gets embroiled in the mystery of a film director murdered there many years before.
UNDERTOW, 1949, Universal, 71 min. Director William Castle brings panache to this impoverished B-production, enlivening a fairly routine tale of a framed ex-con (Scott Brady - Lawrence Tierney's "little" brother) looking for revenge in the Chicago underworld. Hot dishes Dorothy Hart and Peggy Dow complicate matters in time-honored tradition. NOT ON DVD Special guest appearance by actress Julie Adams!

Wednesday, April 7 - 7:30 PM
Andrew L. Stone Tribute Double Feature: JULIE, 1956, Warner Bros., 99 min. Dir. Andrew L. Stone. The husband-and-wife team of Andrew and Virginia Stone created this suspenseful 1950s version of GASLIGHT as a vehicle for Doris Day. Here, the vehicle is a jet airliner in which stewardess Day is trapped by her psychotic husband (a truly scary Louis Jourdan). A wild "woman in jeopardy" film, nominated for an Original Screenplay Oscar! NOT ON DVD
BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER, 1953, 20th Century Fox, 77 min. Dir. Andrew L. Stone. When his niece dies, Whitney Cameron (Joseph Cotten) suspects the widow (Jean Peters) of his late brother is bumping off family members for financial gain. A deadly cat-and-mouse game ensues, climaxing with all the players on an ocean liner.

Thursday, April 8 - 7:30 PM
Gothic Noir Double Feature:
, 1948, Universal, 112 min. Dir. Lewis Allen. A widowed missionary (Ann Todd) is befriended aboard-ship by a charming rogue (Ray Milland) whom she takes in as a boarder. Gorgeous Geraldine Fitzgerald costars in this perverse and disturbing melodrama of mind-control and madness. NOT ON DVD
EXPERIMENT PERILOUS, 1944, Warner Bros., 91 min. Dir. Jacques Tourneur. Fresh off his stunning work for Val Lewton, Tourneur (I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, CAT PEOPLE) directed this challenging tale of a woman (the incandescent Hedy Lamarr) who believes her husband (Paul Lukas) is plotting to drive her mad.

Friday, April 9 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature:
, 1946, Warner Bros., 85 min. Dir. John Brahm. On his wedding day, a groom (Brian Aherne) is told stunning tales regarding the troubled past of his bride-to-be (Laraine Day), including her destructive affair with a tortured artist (Robert Mitchum). This dazzling and dizzying psychodrama uses a web of interlocking flashbacks to show how a woman's childhood obsession with a prized locket dictates the course of her life. NOT ON DVD
BODYGUARD, 1948, Warner Bros., 62 min. Dir. Richard Fleischer. Lawrence Tierney is an insubordinate copper who gets framed, turns in his badge and goes undercover to expose corruption and murder in the meat-packing industry. Helping him is beautiful Priscilla Lane. This early Richard Fleischer programmer boasts a breakneck pace and a screenplay by Robert Altman! NOT ON DVD

Saturday, April 10 - 7:30 PM
Broderick Crawford Double Feature:
, 1955, Kit Parker Films, 87 min. Dir. Russell Rouse. A mob kingpin (Broderick Crawford) runs the syndicate from a Manhattan high-rise, assisted by a crew of plug-uglies (J. Carrol Naish, Onslow Stevens, Barry Kelley and Mike Mazurki). Complicating matters: a newly imported hit man (Richard Conte), a restless mistress (Marilyn Maxwell) and Brod's beautifully fragile daughter (Anne Bancroft). NOT ON DVD
HUMAN DESIRE, 1954, Sony Repertory, 91 min. Dir. Fritz Lang. You can't really call this a re-do of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE because it's based on Emile Zola's 1890 novel La Bete Humaine - but then, tales of tortured lovers tempted to commit murder are timeless, aren't they? Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame rekindle their flame from Lang's 1953 smash THE BIG HEAT, and Broderick Crawford plays the loutish cuckold they want to be rid of. Do we need to note that things don't go according to plan? Burnett Guffey supplies the wonderfully atmospheric cinematography. NOT ON DVD

Sunday, April 11 - 7:30 PM
It's a Crooked World Double Feature:
, 1954, Sony Repertory, 83 min. Dir. Richard Quine. Mickey Rooney is cast against type as a car mechanic whose craving for fast cars and faster women steers him into a blind alley in which there are no pit stops. Blake Edwards' crackerjack script is given vivid life by Rooney's compelling characterization and a stellar supporting cast (Dianne Foster, Kevin McCarthy, Jack Kelly).
WALK A CROOKED MILE, 1948, Sony Repertory, 91 min. Dir. Gordon Douglas. When a security leak at an atomic energy plant threatens the safety of the free world, an FBI agent (Dennis O'Keefe) and a Scotland Yard inspector (Louis Hayward) track the spy ring to - where else? - Commie-infested San Francisco. Hint to the feds: Look for the big, shifty guy (Raymond Burr) with the Lenin look-alike goatee. Discussion with Paul Picerni, plus book signing of his memoir Steps to Stardom.

Wednesday, April 14 - 7:30 PM
Los Angeles Premiere! New Noir!
, 2009, Erickson Films, 80 min. Film noir is a road regularly traveled by filmmakers, but never has a film noir exclusively starred... mannequins! Director Daniel Erickson made the highly unusual and cost-effective decision to shoot the film, originally conceived as live-action, with store-front "dummies," for which he held an extensive eBay casting call. As dread builds in the film, the impressive feat is achieved of turning an all-mannequin cast into a sympathetic group of characters. "A killer bizarre mannequin film noir of the strangest movies you'll ever have the likelihood of ever seeing... a fascinating experiment gone right." - Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News. Discussion following with director Daniel Erickson.
Offical Website

Thursday, April 15 - 7:30 PM
Gothic Noir Double Feature:
, 1941, Universal, 67 min. Dir. Stuart Heisler. Albert Dekker stars as identical twins who stir up a Gothic whirlwind of insanity, family skeletons and murder in a small town paralyzed by fear. Penned by Lester Cole of Hollywood Ten notoriety and costarring a youthfully lush Susan Hayward, venerable Harry Carey and pre-tragedy Frances Farmer.
DARK WATERS, 1944, Films Around the World, 90 min. Dir. Andre de Toth. Travel down a dark Southern road of perversity as a distraught shipwreck survivor (Merle Oberon) returns to her family's estate near the Big Easy. Can she trust the earnest doctor (Franchot Tone) who tries to shield her from some exceedingly strange relatives (Fay Bainter, Thomas Mitchell and Elisha Cook Jr.)?

Friday, April 16 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature:
, 1955, Paramount, 89 min. Dir. Lewis R. Foster. William Bendix, Arthur Kennedy, Luther Adler, Gene Evans, Marshall Thompson and William Talman (as a knife-chucking religious fanatic) break out of the pen in pursuit of a stashed robbery payroll. Distracting from their quest are leggy farm girl Beverly Michaels, wholesome Gloria Talbott and noir favorite Percy Helton. NOT ON DVD
CRY VENGEANCE, 1954, Paramount, 82 min. Mark Stevens (THE DARK CORNER) stars in and directs this brutal revenge melodrama in which a psychically and physically scarred ex-cop (Stevens) hunts the killer of his family to the wilds of Ketchikan, Alaska. NOT ON DVD

Saturday, April 17
10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour

Saturday, April 17 - 7:30 PM
Co presented with the Roxie Theater: The Whistler Series Double Feature: New Print!
, 1945, Sony Repertory, 66 min. Dir. Lew Landers. From radio to the silver screen and then television, "The Whistler" was the only episodic mystery series that can accurately be labeled as film noir. Richard Dix stars as a man suffering noir's version of the common cold: amnesia. NOT ON DVD
New Print! VOICE OF THE WHISTLER, 1945, Sony Repertory, 60 min. Richard Dix is a terminally ill man lured into marriage by a gold digger (Lynn Merrick) with fatal consequences for all concerned. Written and directed by William Castle, this is a must-see in a new 35mm print! Discussion in between films with actor Robert Dix, son of Richard Dix. Robert Dix also will sign his book Out of Hollywood: Two Generations of Actors in the lobby at 6:45 PM. NOT ON DVD

Sunday, April 18
10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour

Sunday, April 18 - 7:30 PM
Femme Fatale Double Feature:
STRANGE FASCINATION 1952, Sony Repertory, 80 min. The first of seven features produced, written and directed by low-rent auteur Hugo Haas stars his fatale muse Cleo Moore. Haas plays a concert pianist led down the road to perdition by bad girl Moore, with typically painful results. NOT ON DVD.
THE COME ON, 1956, Paramount, 83 min. Dir. Russell Birdwell. Anne Baxter pulls out all the stops in her performance as a fetching grifter tying chump Sterling Hayden into knots in a complex affair involving her abusive "husband," the suave but scary John Hoyt. NOT ON DVD Discussion in between films with actress Karen Sharpe Kramer (STRANGE FASCINATION).

Perry Henzell Tribute to Feature Special Guests, DJ Reggae Music, Jimmy Cliff in THE HARDER THEY COME & Premiere of Long Lost Film NO PLACE LIKE HOME

Our Perry Henzell Tribute keeps getting bigger. Arrive by 6:30 PM for a Courtyard Pre-Screening Reception. Party to celebrate Perry Henzell and ... "The Harder They Come" star Jimmy Cliff on his induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. DJ Baby Ace mixing the classics. Meet and greet. Prize give-a-ways. Brought to you by Universal Music Enterprises and Red Stripe Beer.

Perry Henzell has been called "the most important filmmaker to emerge from the Caribbean." His landmark film THE HARDER THEY COME was responsible for introducing Reggae music to the world. With unique insight, visual sense and original thinking, he forever changed the way we look at things. Through his films, stage plays, and novels, the worldwide impact of his work continues to grow. The American Cinematheque salutes the memory of Perry Henzell with an evening dedicated to his feature films.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (see a trailer), Perry Henzell's long lost sequel to his Jamaican classic, "The Harder they Come" will screen as a double feature with a discussion between films with Justine Henzell (Perry's daughter), producer David Garonzik, P.J. Soles (actress), Arthur Gorson (friend and producer), Roger Steffens (reggae historian) and special surprise guests. Moderated by Wayne Jobson.

Lately, the Cinematheque seems to be discovering a lot of films shot in the 70s and finished in the 2000's (GONE WITH THE POPE makes its World Premiere Friday, March 12 at the Egyptian). One such incredible story of the resurrection of a film that was thought to be lost forever, is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. A print was discovered in a New Jersey warehouse that had long since been thought to have perished. Under Perry's guidance prior to his passing he outlined the changes and direction for the film to follow given the elements that re-emerged. Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Trailer by Oliver Entertainment. Produced by Jeff Scheftel and Arthur Gorson; directed and written by Jeff Scheftel; edited by Scheftel and Desert Rock. With Grace Jones, Countryman, Carl Bradshaw, P.J. Soles (CARRIE, HALLOWEEN, ROCK 'N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL).

Read more about this event on March 19, 2010 at the Egyptian Theatre.

Mysterious Child Abductions in Northern England in the 1970s & 80s Spawn Tales of the Yorkshire Ripper

The RED RIDING Trilogy follows the story of the "Yorkshire Ripper" through three feature films including one by director James Marsh (Oscar winner MAN ON WIRE). Its getting some great reviews so we thought we would give Cinematheque audiences a chance to see the Trilogy back to back on Saturday, March 20th. Everyone who buys tickets to see all three will not only get a discount, but also a souvenir road show booklet on the film. Ready for a little British noir?

"The brooding soundtrack of 1980 pays subtle tribute to the music of Throbbing Gristle and Joy Division which colours and informs the novel. The Red Riding trilogy as a whole is like a piece of post-punk music. It demands to be replayed many times, and each new viewing reveals more depth and nuance."- Mark Fisher, Frieze Magazine

March 18-21:

Critic's Buzz Special Screenings:


RED RIDING: 1974, 2009, IFC Films, 105 min. Dir. Julian Jarrold. Inspired by the novels of David Peace, part one of the trilogy centers on Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield), a rookie journalist who returns to his Yorkshire home town, where ten-year-old Clare Kemplay (a figurative Red Riding Hood, seen in a red hoodie) has just been abducted. Seeing a possible link to two other local missing children, Eddie throws himself into a spiriling investigation of child abductions and murders that leads him to suspect that there’s a terrifying connection between the perpetrators and the upper echelons of Yorkshire power. With David Morrissey and Rebecca Hall.

RED RIDING: 1980, 2009, IFC Films, 96 min. Director James Marsh (MAN ON WIRE) continues the narrative for part two of the trilogy. With the police and public still baffled that the "Ripper" remains at large and may have inspired a copycat killer, veteran police officer Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine) is called in from Manchester to take over the investigation. While struggling with scandal and tragedy in his personal life, his new theories about the case only incite growing opposition to his involvement.

RED RIDING: 1983, 2009, IFC Films, 104 min. Dir. Anand Tucker. When yet another young girl is kidnapped, Detective Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey) notices a number of powerful similarities to the abduction cases he had investigated back in the ’70s for which a man was convicted and sentenced. Meanwhile, a reluctant local solicitor, John Piggott (Mark Addy), decides to take up the condemned man’s cause.

"To view this gritty, gripping series is to enter a devil's bargain: Watch and you'll never forget." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"…the most striking dramas of this decade, towering above the usual costume epics and routine police procedurals. Indeed, in their use of setting and landscape the Red Riding films attain an expressionist naturalism that exceeds practically anything British cinema has achieved in the past 30 years." - Mark Fisher, Frieze Magazine

Special 'Trilogy' Ticket Price $25 for all three films. For individual admissions, normal prices apply.

Trailer | Buy Tickets | Official Site

Thurs, March 18 - 7:30 PM | RED RIDING: 1974

Friday, March 19 - 7:30 PM | RED RIDING: 1980

Saturday, March 20 - 5 PM | RED RIDING: 1974

Saturday, March 20 - 7:30 PM | RED RIDING: 1980

Saturday, March 20 - 9:30 PM | RED RIDING: 1983

Sunday, March 21 - 4 PM | RED RIDING: 1983

The White Stripes documentary to Sneak Preview at the Egyptian Theatre Hollywood

Lucky blog readers will know that we added a screening of the White Stripes documentary UNDER GREAT WHITE NORTHERN LIGHTS at the Egyptian Theatre. Tickets are already going fast so do not delay if you want to see this film on the big screen with great sound! White Stripes merchandise will also be on sale at the screening. Red, Black, White and Peppermints!

Monday, March 15 – 7:30 PM

"...can be credibly included alongside such canonical rock rock-docs as 'Gimme Shelter' and 'Don't Look Back.'" - LA TIMES

UNDER GREAT WHITE NORTHERN LIGHTS (93 min.) In the summer of 2007, shortly after the release of their 6th album Icky Thump, The White Stripes headed north of their hometown of Detroit to embark on an ambitious journey across Canada. The plan was to play a show in every province and territory in Canada, from B.C. to Newfoundland to Nunavut. “Having never done a tour of Canada, Meg and I thought it was high time to go whole hog…from the ocean to the permafrost” says Jack White. “We wanted to play out of the way towns that don’t usually get shows…the shows are better, it’s better for the people, it’s a better experience, it’s way more unique, something interesting is going to happen…hopefully.”

This visual and revealing feature length film documenting The White Stripes' historic Canadian tour and culmination of their 10th Anniversary show. The movie chronicles the band’s journey all over Canada from the many interesting locales they experience to the people they meet along the way – from rural bowling alleys, to city buses, aboriginal tribes and onward. The film captures intimate moments of Jack and Meg both on and off stage, intimate and personal conversations about their ten years together, are cannons, raw performances of some of their biggest songs, and even an impromptu "one note show." Variety review by Dennis Harvey. Discussion following with the director Emmett Malloy.

More information on the Cinematheque website.

The White Stripes official website. Buy Tickets