From PMFA's Mailbox: Disappearing Packages

This may be more of an issue for those in the neighborhood who work outside of the home, but Reader Jonathan contacted me via email to say that packages addressed to him have been disappearing from his building in Carroll Gardens. He writes:
I don't know if other readers have said anything but I have had 3 packages taken (all different times) from my building on 4th Place. Perhaps this is a neighborhood wide thing.One package was USPS, which I thought was maybe lost because in my experiences, local post office isn't the greatest :.)The other two were FedEx. Both were apparently delivered according to my tracking. A neighbor in my building said he saw my package the day it arrived but when I came home it was gone.I just wanted to let you know in case other readers have had this happen as well.Nothing to post about if it's just my misfortune, but may be happening to others.
How about it? Is this just a problem in Jonathan's building or have others in the neighborhood lost packages as well?