The Sign Says "Renovation, But Could Bourgeois Pig On Court Street Be Closed For Good?

Though it opened just a year ago, Bourgeois Pig, the fondue and wine bar at 387 Court Street, is undergoing renovation. Brown paper obscures the interior and a note in the window refers people to the establishment's website for further information and updates. However, the web site only mentions Bourgeois Pig's original eatery on East 7th Street in Manhattan. No information or mention of the Carroll Gardens outpost whatsoever.

Perhaps, this means that the Court Street location will not re-open? A quick glance at reviews on Yelp reveal that the place has not exactly been busy lately. One reviewer writes: "It was 11 when I walked in and I definitely got the impression they were trying to wrap it up." Another shares: "Came here on a Saturday night around 8pm and it was pretty slow."

What do you think?  Renovation or closure?