76th Precinct's Operation "Spot It To Secure It" In Action

Just a few weeks ago, the NYPD 76th Police Precinct, which includes Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Cobble Hill, introduced a new program meant to alert local car owners and residents about the needless risks they take when giving thieves easy access to their valuables.
Called "Spot It To Secure It", the operation is meant as a pre-emptive measure. It was introduced by 76th Precinct Captain Jeffrey Schiff, who hopes that the program will make people aware that leaving packages or electronic gadgets such as i-pods, i-pads and laptops on the seat of their vehicle just invites theft.
As part of the program, a team of officers from the 76th Precinct will patrol various sections of the neighborhood to look into parked vehicles. If valuables have been left behind, the officers take a photo and write down the license plate of the car. Back at the station, the plates are run through the system. If the car is registered to a local resident, the photo and a friendly form letter will be send to the owner
The officers will also check front doors on homes to make sure that people aren't leaving them open.

On my walk this morning, I ran into 76th Community Affairs Officer Paul Grudzinski and Officer Carl Bredy, who were checking cars that were parked on Carroll Street between Smith and Hoyt Street.

Not only will 'Spot It To Secure It' help lower unattended property theft in the neighborhood, it will encourage interaction and exchange of information between local residents and precinct officers.  And that's always a good thing.