"Squirrels Stories": Jamie Courville, A Gowanus Transplant From Texas, Creates Audio Portraits Of People Living With Cancer


To Jamie Courville, a Gowanus transplant from Texas, nothing is more powerful than the human voice, because "the voice goes straight to the heart and reaches people in a universal way."
Recently, she has been recording people while they tell their very unique, deeply personal stories. The resulting audio portraits create an intimate glimpse into their lives that is both moving and inspiring.

In the last few weeks, Jamie has turned her attention to creating online audio portraits of people talking about living with cancer, which she entitled "Squirrels Stories".
She writes:
I have started a new project to put a face on a disease that has impacted all of our lives. A linguist told me Squirrels is the hardest word in the English language to say. I am producing a collection of stories about things that are difficult to talk about called Squirrels Stories. The first group will be audio portraits in the first person and some multimedia pieces of people talking about living with cancer. I want to create an online community where everyone can hear the strengths and hanrdships of individuals facing this disease. A person’s voice cuts right through in a way that nothing else can. It reaches people in a universal way. 
I cannot think of anyone who has not had personal dealings with cancer. It could be you or your parent or your uncle or your friend. My hope is that those who are sick will find comfort in hearing the voice of someone in the same boat, and those who are not will be able to better understand what our friends and family members are confronting. 
So I am doing this. I am excited about it. I hope you are excited too. There is a need for a place where people can have an honest conversation about disease. Nobody should have to face this alone. 
If you know someone living with cancer send them my way. Honestly, people like the process even when it is difficult. Right now, I only have the capacity to record folks in New York City. If you know someone who is sick and would not want to talk please tell them about Squirrels Stories.
Please take some time to listen to these moving stories and let others know about jamie and about the portraits.
You may also want to help Jamie with this project by contributing to her online fundraiser on Indiegogo. You can donate here.