Is Lightstone Group Tearing Down Gowanus Building On Development Site Without Proper Permits?

photo credit:Jeff Anzulewicz

Meanwhile, back in Gowanus...
I am still in France but have received a string of emails from Gowanus residents reporting that workers began tearing down the roof of an old brick building at 363-365 Bond Street, between 1st and 2nd Street yesterday. The building is located on the site of the 700-unit, 12 story Lightstone Group development.

According to reports, a crew of about 25 men with pick axes and saws started demolishing the rooftop of the building yesterday afternoon. Gowanus residents became concerned when they realized that no permits had been posted. More troubling was the fact that no asbestos monitoring equipment was present on site and the crew did not wear any protective gear.

Residents contacted Councilman Brad Lander's office and Community Board 6 to ask that the work be done according to local laws, with proper permits, and proper protections for workers and the local community. They also placed several calls to 311. Inspectors came out to the site later in the day and work stopped yesterday afternoon at about 2 pm.
Today, a crew was back building a plywood fence around part of the building. In addition, red and yellow caution tape with the words "Danger-Asbestos" has been put up.
NYC Department of Buildings has recorded a 'pre-filing' for the site on its web site. A permit for a plywood fence has also been recorded. There is, however, no sign of a demolition permit.

In addition, Lightstone has applied for the NY State  Department of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Cleanup Program. The program requires that any action on the site be first approved by the agency. It is likely that demolition work would also need to be approved.

This not a very good start for Lightstone Group and its highly contentious project.  Stay tuned for's bound to be a long hot summer in Gowanus.