Best Comment Of The Day: Secrecy-Shrouded And Shady

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Homeless Shelter For Scarano-Designed Building On West 9th Street In Carroll Gardens?": 
"Robert Hess not Richard Hess is associated with this.
All 501c3 orgs are required to file a Form 990 to the IRS detailing their activities including salaries paid to officers. See It is worth checking out all the orgs the people associated with this fiasco.Aguila is a Bronx based outfit that has merged with Housing Solutions, per Hess's letter. As Housing Solutions was created in 2012 little information is available beyond their tax payer ID number. For what it is worth the public disclosure for Aguila's Executive Director, Peter Rivera, is that he paid himself a salary of $107,000 in 2011.
I would encourage folks to do background checks on the people associated with Housing Solutions.
The people associated with Housing Solutions and Aguila might well be free of corrupt practices. However, the fact of the secrecy-shrouded and shady way this matter has been handled (Brad Lander, hope you are reading this), should make us concerned. Without a full engagement with the community, corruption related questions should continue to arise.Per their website, the following individuals are associated with Housing Solutions: Robert V. Hess, Cara Pace, Alex Brussovansky, Adam Huron, Jennifer Lim, Carl F. Schwartz, Esq., Charles Wertman, Esq., Daniel G. Murphy. "It is reasonable to research these individuals as much as we can.