Several Old Majestic Trees In Carroll Park Fall Victime To Sandy

Carroll Park along Carroll Street
 Tree next to bocce court along Carroll Street
 Beautiful old tree in the rock garden along President Street
 A view of the same tree
 Rock garden border with fallen tree
Tree leaning dangerously along Carroll Street entrance 
(photo credit: Gary Dolan)

Just received these heartbreaking photos of Carroll Park this morning from Friends Of Carroll Park president Gary Dolan, who was up early to survey the damage.  Carroll Park lost two huge trees and one is leaning dangerously. Quite a bit of fencing was also damaged.
These trees were over a hundred years old and with them goes a bit of Carroll Gardens history.

Just a warning:  the ground is still waterlogged and more trees can come down.  All New York City Parks are still closed and people should stay out of Carroll Park.  It is too dangerous.
Also be careful of the trees lining the streets.