Amazing Footage Of Hawk In Carroll Gardens/ Gowanus

video credit: Steven Cloud 

This amazing video of a hawk consuming a snack was shot by Steven Cloud, who forwarded it to me.  He writes:
"I'm a long time reader and thought you might like to see/share this video of what I believe to be a hawk eating another bird. I shot the video from the back of my apartment on 3rd Street near Smith on Wednesday morning around 8am."
How cool. I am always amazed that such big birds of prey are thriving right here in our neighborhood.
There have been several sightings in the last few years, including this one  in Carroll Park.  They were all confirmed to be red-tailed hawks.  The one filmed by Steven looks very similar.  Can someone confirm?

Thanks so much for sharing, Steven.

*Update* According to Rob Jett of City Bird, this is Cooper's Hawk, which is overwintering in New York.