Bareburger Taking Shape On Court Street

It looks as though it won't be too long until Bareburger in Cobble Hill will be open for business.  The new eatery at 145 Court Street is diagonally across from Trader Joe's and the new Chipotle.

Like the original Bareburger, which got its start in Astoria, Queens, back in 2009, this outpost of the micro-chain of burger restaurants will be "serving food made of organic ingredients free of hormones, pesticides and other unsavory elements."

Customers will be able to create their own burger by choosing either beef, lamb, wild boar, elk, bison or ostrich and pairing it either with brioche, multi-grain roll or tapioca rice bun, to name just a few of the choices.   For vegetarians, Bareburger offers fresh salads.
Click here  to check out the entire menu.

Sounds great, though of course, there already are quite a few burger joints on Court Street.

This location was previously occupied by Immigrant Travel, a middle eastern store which sold suitcases, clothing, perfume and newspapers.