Ecopolis Closes Its Door On Smith Street

Independently, readers Donald and Tim contacted me to let me know that Ecoplis Café, at 180 Smith Street at Warren Street had recently closed its doors. I passed by to confirm the news and sure enough, tho 'ecologically-friendly" neighborhood coffee place apparently called it quits on February 26th. A note in the window from the owner and staff bids farewell to its customers and urges everyone to support the next business that will be taken over the space.
The café had been in business at this location since 2010, moving into the new building shortly after construction was completed.
I must admit that I never ventured into Ecoplis.
Was it any good? Will it be missed? Any suggestion for appropriate business uses for the storefront?

And here is another closing on Smith Street, just a few doors down from Ecolplis. The independently-owned Verizon Wireless store at number 158 Smith Street has been emptied except for the shelving and some chairs.