More Fios Finally Coming To Carroll Gardens?

Verizon crew working on utility box yesterday on President Street
Newly installed pole at Union Street and Smith Street
Fios utility box at Sackett at Court Street
It's been quite a bit frustrating as a Verizon customer, and especially as a blogger, that Fios service has been very limited in Carroll Gardens.  Since the company rolled out its broadband service in 2004, only a few blocks in the neighborhood have been able to enjoy faster internet.
Considering the fact that for almost 10 years,  Verizon has gotten tax breaks in return for bringing broad band to every customer and business, as well as schools and hospital in its service territories, it is actually a bit infuriating.
Just recently, Verizon crews have been installing more utility boxes and Fios service is expanding throughout the neighborhood, especially on the blocks west of Court Street.
I stopped by to speak to a Verizon crew that was installing new equipment on President Street at the corner of Court Street.  They confirmed that  more Fios is coming.  To those of us who are still waiting, they suggested connecting to neighbors together to call Verizon. Apparently, if several neighbors start calling the company, Verizon may make their block a priority.

I also asked the crew about a story that I had heard a few times before from local residents and also from other Verizon workers: that one block here in Carroll Gardens* got Fios years ago, because a Verizon executive lived on the block and this was part of his/her employment contract.

The workers yesterday all seemed to know about it and confirmed it was one of the blocks on Carroll Street, either between Smith and Hoyt or the block from Hoyt to Bond.

* The block in question is the one framed between Smith and Hoyt Street and Carroll and 2nd Street.

I would love to get a better idea of which blocks in the neighborhood have Fios and those who don't.  I would very much appreciate it you could let me know about yours by adding a comment below.  Thanks.