New York Perks Finally Closes Doors On Smith Street

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New York Perks, the martini lounge bar that always seemed a bit out of place on Smith Street, has been closed for the last few weeks and its demise has now been confirmed by a For Rent sign in its window. The 3400 square foot facility at 193 Smith Street feathered a private cigar deck and private rooms for any occasions to a mostly boisterous crowd willing to pay a $10-$15 cover charge and a small fortune for bottle service. (A bottle of Moet Rosé was $185 and a bottle of Ace Of Spades was $480.)

Of late, Perks had garnered some rather bad reviews on Yelp. One reviewer called it: "Arguably one of the worst places I've been in a long while. It really has a crowd that is just a wee bit past it's prime listening to 'today's hip hop and r and b."
New York Magazine wasn't kinder, describing it as "a yawning split-level with two full-sized lounges and bars on either end, the space’s upper floor has access to the smoking area (er, “cigar deck”), while the lower level leads to the street. Countless leather sofas and lurid cocktail choices — fancy a “Quickie,” “Baby Mama Drama,” or a “Pimp Slap”? — scream “adults at play,” but the over-polished décor lacks any distinct charm."
I am sure neighboring residents aren't sad to sees this place go.  Perks had generated a fair amount of noise complaints to the police and to the Community Board basically from the moment it opened.