South Brooklyn Running Club Fundraising For Red Hook

(credit: Red Hook Initiative)
(credit: South Brooklyn Running Club)

The South Brooklyn Running Club is planning a fund raiser tomorrow, Sunday, November 4th. Join them at 9 AM at 61 Local (on Bergen between Smith and Court)  for a fun 6 mile group run to raise money for the Red Hook Initiative (RHI). The cost is $10 and/or donations for RHI. That $10 also gets you free before/after run drinks from 61 Local. We will then go on a fun group run of about 6 miles. There will be different pace groups so everyone should come out to participate.
Here is more information from South Brooklyn Running Club member Caitlin:Since the NYC Marathon is off, our club thought we'd host a fundraising run for the Red Hook Initiative, an incredible organization that has been doing great things for the area for a while now, but particularly in light of the storm. Anyway, we do a lot of running in Red Hook, and want badly to give back.
SO! We've joined forces with 61 Local (on Bergen) to host a fun run tomorrow at 9am. There is a $10 suggested donation, 100% of which will go to RHI, and with that runners/walkers will get a free drink before and after the run. We'll also be collecting supplies (blankets, flashlights, batteries, toiletries, water, etc.) that are needed.
So be at the 61 Local (on Bergen between Smith and Court) at 9 AM.

Check out RHI’s website for what they are requesting.
And get more information on the run on South Brooklyn's Running Club Facebook event page.