Best Comment Of The Day: The Real Kicker

Rob has left the following comment on the post "Whole F(l)oods: Site Of Future Gowanus Organic Supermarket Submerged Hurricane During Sandy":
"I think you all miss the point. The city essentially "bailed out" Whole Foods after they picked a bad spot to build. They wanted to build a huge store but didn't think to check the zoning laws on the property BEFORE they purchased it? They're already getting tax incentives to build and yet they still went and whined to the city that it wasn't going to make them enough money to scale the sq. footage down and they want the city to change the zoning laws when they're the ones who screwed up. When they got called on it too at one of those open meetings the rep for Whole Foods blamed it on his predecessor with no real explanation on how they could have overlooked something as big as that. 
The real kicker is it's not like there wasn't retail space to set up somewhere else in the general area. That wasn't the last parcel of land in all of South Brooklyn. City Point has got over 500,000 sq. feet of retail space coming soon that they could have set up at."