Pacifico Is No More In Boerum Hill

It would appear that Pacifico, the Mexican bar and restaurant in Boerum Hill has closed its doors.
Yesterday, I received an email from Reader Lara, who shared this bit of news about the eatery:
Your readers might be interested to know that long time nabe staple Pacifico is no more.We went last night and were told they closed on Dec 9th for good as they had a dispute with the landlord over the lease (which was up) and the amount the landlord wanted to charge them for the space.
Pacifico, which opened in 2003, was one in a chain of eateries opened by 'pioneer' restaurateurs Brooklyn Alan Harding–Jim Mamary.
Pacifico at 269 Pacific Street was actually more of an outdoor venue on an empty lot that connected to a small storefront on Smith Street
In 2009, it was reported that the restaurant's manager, Richard Kraus, was going to take it over.

Just recently, construction began on the big empty lot right next to Pacifico. That may also have had something to do with the eatery finally calling it quits.