Question Of The Day: Any Photos Of Garnet Street During Hurricane Sandy Out There?

I just received an email from Eileen, a local resident, who would truly appreciate any photos of Garnet Street, 9th or Hamilton Avenue between Smith and Court Streets during Hurricane Sandy. She writes:
"I live on Garnet Street in Carroll Gardens/Red Hook right by Smith and 9th. I am wondering if you have any Hurricane Sandy pics from Garnet Street between Smith and Court or even 9th and Smith. I have lived here for 14 years and my place was flooded but we evacuated and were unable to take pics. If you have anything relevant in your archives I would be truly grateful!"
How about it?  Did anyone take photos of that part of the neighborhood the night of the storm?  
If you did, please send them to me at pardonmeinbrooklyn at gmail  dot com and I will gladly forward them to her.