Another Opossum Encounter In Carroll Gardens

(photo credit:TJ)

Carroll Gardens, like other Brooklyn neighborhoods, seems to have a thriving population of opossums. Over the last few years, people have reported quite a few sightings, including one of a mother opossum and her babies on Clinton Street.
Yesterday, I received word of yet another encounter, together with the photograph above.  This one actually involves a capture and a relocation.
Reader TJ writes:
I recently saw a blog post you had about Opossums in the neighbourhood. We have been plagued with one for over a month now that created an evening routine of coming down the fire escape on the back of our building from the roof then down a trellis onto our terrace. Although it was not causing any harm, it was a little disruptive during our time enjoying the terrace and making unannounced appearances, it was definitely not afraid of us. 
This week we had a humane trap placed out the back and along its route, in the hopes to snag it in order to release it far away in the park. Last night was the triumphant night we caught it and what a big thing it was! 
Hopefully this will bring some night time peace to the backyards of those on Court between 3rd and 4th.(No possum was harmed in the making of this blog [post].)
The reader added: "They are surprisingly docile despite that one photo of it bearing its teeth! Hopefully, it will be comfortable roaming around Prospect park and will make a nice new home there instead."

One of my own neighbors just told me that he and his daughter spotted an opossum in their back yard.  So far, I have not seen it myself.  When I do, I hope I can grab my camera in time.

Just got an email from Carroll Gardener Ellen. She says:

"I too have recently had an opossum in my yard. I am wondering if the one TJ caught is the same. I live on 3rd place between court and Clinton but my yard backs up to Court street between 3rd place and 4th Place.
I have attached the picture my husband took two nights ago.