Category Kills: A One Night Pop Up Show of Over 100 Works of Art By Suzy Kopf

Hua Hin Pad Thai, 2011, 11"x14", Watercolor on Archival Paper
St. Helena, 2012, 30"x30", Oil Paint on Canvas

In Season, 2012, 16"x16", Collage on Panel 
Suzy Kopf ( photo credit: Stephanie Seguino)

Over a hundred works on paper and canvas by Brooklyn painter and printmaker Suzy Kopf will be exhibited at the Tresle Project Space in Gowanus on November 16, 2013. The solo pop-up show will feature works on paper and canvas made by Kopf in the last six years.

The show's name Category Killers is based on "an economic market term for chain stores such as Walmart, Kmart or Target that sell all manner of goods, thus eliminating the need for independent retailers. The title is a reference to the artist’s most recent series of paintings that explore how these big box structures physically alter the American landscape seen through the aerial lens of GoogleMaps. Additionally, the majority of works in this show are pieces that remain from larger series or editions of prints that now might be seen as anomalies or the end of categories of work.
Kopf has said about this work, 'my paintings tread towards the places of alignment between the natural optics of the human eye and the world as we experience it on our everyday screens. Similar to corrupted picture files, my work evokes a surreal memento mori for the past life of the United States that feels inherently digitized.' "
"Category Kills" appears to be a very timely show as big box stores seem to be multiplying at a frightening pace here in Brooklyn. Ironically, the show will take place just one block from the soon-to-open Gowanus Whole Foods.  

Trestle Projects is located at 400 3rd Street on the 2nd floor