Sackett Union Condo Building: Nice Landscaping, But...

Late this summer, before the first owners moved into Sackett Union, Carroll Gardens' newest  luxury development, the outside of the main building was nicely landscaped.  Rather than restoring the original tree pits along Court Street,  a continuous border that runs the length of the building has been installed along the sidewalk.  Liriope has been planted between the trees and the whole border has been mulched.
The effect is quite nice, but there is a bit of a problem with the landscaping.
Here is an email from a PMFA reader who explains:
"While I think that the new building on Court btwn Sackett and Union meant well with their landscaping, it is adjacent to the curb for almost the whole block. It makes it impossible to get out of the passenger side of a car without trampling it, and will be more so once it snows. Is this even allowed per NYC sidewalk regulations?Wondering if anyone else has noticed this."
Yes, others have noticed as well. A few other people in the neighborhood have brought it to our attention in the last few weeks.
As for the legality, I am not quite sure if it violates NYC sidewalk regulations.  It may be part of New York City's Green Infrastructure Plan, a storm water management plan that aims to keep storm water out of our sewer system.
Large planting beds or tree pits on sidewalks certainly help absorb rainwater. That's a good thing. But obviously, the solution to one problem creates another.

Does anyone have an answer?