From PMFA's Inbox: Is There A Good Old Fashioned Laundry In The Neighborhood?

Friend and PMFA reader M. just sent me the following email:
I am hoping you have a piece of neighborhood information. Where, oh where, is there an old fashioned Chinese Laundry where they do white sheets and fabrics bleached and super white and beautifully folded if not pressed? I have some of mom's beauties that I want to have well-done and wrap nicely for some of the nephews for the holidays. Let me know. Thanks!
Though we still have a few laundromats and dry cleaners in the neighborhood, the last old fashioned laundry places that I remember was the small place on Warren Street right off Court Street. The place was taken over by Idlewild Books a few years back.
I faintly remember a place on Henry Street, but I don't know if it is still open.

Does anyone know of a place where M. can take her mother's 'beauties"? Any info would be appreciated.