New Investors Bank Sign On Court Street Keeping Neighbors Awake

During the Day: The new Investors Bank sign on Court Street between 3rd and 4th Place
and at night, below
(photo taken by L.)
The new Investors Bank branch that is replacing Good Food at 431 Court Street hasn't even opened its doors yet, but is already causing controversy.
Over the week-end, I received the following email from a reader:
"I'm not sure if you have seen the nightmare sign that was put up in the old Good Food place on Court Street?Investors Bank put up a hideous sign. Please someone needs to address this sign that is out of context. This is atrocious."
I promised the reader that I would check it out.  So yesterday afternoon, I grabbed my camera and shot the photos above.  There is no doubt that the bright green sign is rather obnoxious, especially the canopy which extends over the sidewalk. 
While I was pointing my camera at the building, a young lady approached me to inquire if I was taking pictures of the sign.  When I told her 'yes', she told me that both the sign and the canopy were lit up all night long and that the brightness had kept her and her neighbors awake since it had been installed a few days ago.  She had already spoken to the bank's contractor about the sign and was told that quite a few people had complained about it.  So she started a petition to present to Investor's Bank.
The petition reads:
November 13 
Carroll Gardens residents are concerned by the amount of light pollution coming from the new store front, Investors Bank, on Court Street between 3rd and 4th Place.  There is also opposition to the bright awning that extends into the street.  The new business has not used nearby financial businesses and banks as a model for its design. The other businesses do not disrupt the residential atmosphere that is highly valued here. 
We, the signed residents of Carroll Gardens and its Brooklyn neighbors, are requesting that Investors Bank: 
1) remove its awning 
2) Dim its lights. 
We are requesting this in the spirit of Investors Bank's willingness to become a part of the neighborhood instead of standing out in a way that is unattractive and disruptive to the neighbors.
Obviously, Investors Bank, a New Jersey-based financial institution, has little sensibility for our brownstone neighborhood. Let's hope that they wise up quickly and realize that this sign and the bright lights are not appropriate for Brownstone Brooklyn.

Below is a photo of the petition. I will update the post to include a link if it is put online. In the meantime, here is the contact information to the bank's New Jersey headquarters.