After 26 Years, Small Avon Store Closing On Court Street

Mrs. Jeanette Di Brienza
Mrs. DiBrienza standing in front of her store on Court Street (with my friend Genevieve, who was in town for a visit)
You may have walked by the small Avon store nestled between Court Street Grocers and Naturally Delicious at 487 Court Street without ever noticing it, but the business has been open here for 26 years.  Long before the Southern end of Court Street in Carroll Gardens became a dining destination,  Mrs. Jeanette Di Brienza sold Avon products to local residents out of her small store.  Before there was a CVS or Rite Aid in the neighborhood, she also stocked greeting cards and school supplies for the residents of the southern end of Court Street.
Many in Carroll Gardens may know that Mrs. Di Brienza is the mother of Sephen DiBrienza, our  former Councilman.  Two of her grand-daughters attended pre-pre-school with my daughter and I have knows this lovely lady for many years.  (Does anyone remember Brooklyn College Tutotial, which was housed at PS 32?)
I was sad to see a sign on the Avon store's window yesterday indicating that after all these years,  it will be closing soon, so I stopped by to wish her well.

Mrs. DiBrienza, I am sure many in the neighborhood will miss your store. I am hoping to run into you around the neighborhood often, so that we can catch up on family news.