Gowanus Goslings: Pair Of Canada Geese Raises Little Ones Near Canal

Gowanus resident Eymund Diegel came across a pair of Canadian geese who were on an outing with their little ones over the week-end.  Thankfully, he had his camera with him and was able to snap the photos above.
Eymund writes:
"On our way to train for the Gowanus Challenge, the upcoming canoe race, we came across two nesting pairs of Canada Geese, one on the Marmurstein Bus Lot (opposite Bond Street) and another family opposite Public Place at Huntington Street at the base of the former Subway Art History Museum.The brick building on Bond Street behind the Gowanus Goslings was originally built in 1904 (or slightly earlier (construction started 1900) and was built for the Empire City Hygiea Ice Company, the largest Brooklyn shipper of ice around the Gowanus neighborhood (285 tons per day in 1909).Hans [Hesselein] and the Clean & Green Team at the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, located directly opposite the building of interest, were kind enough to donate an original beer bottle of the Leonhard Michel Brewing Company that also operated in that building. Historically sensitive beer drinkers can view the bottle at the Hall of the Gowanus at 543 Union Street."
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Eymund.