New Permits (And Hope) For 250 and 252 Smith Street?

For many years now, three row houses on Smith Street between DeGraw and Douglass Streets have been empty and have slowly deteriorated to the dismay of local residents and business owners. Owned by Fae Holdings Woodside, LLC  of Queens,  250, 252 and 254 Smith Street were once home to Refinery, Flirt, A-Plus For Learning and Area.  but about seven years ago, those businesses were asked to move.
Construction work on all three buildings began shortly afterwards, but NYC Department Of Buildings slapped  several violations onto the properties for "work without permits."
Though several permits were eventually taken out, work stopped and the three buildings began to deteriorate.
Just last week, Carroll Gardens Patch reported that the Fire Department inspected the properties and marked all three with an X, indicating that conditions in the buildings were dangerous and that responders should not enter in case of a fire.

But just as it seemed as though the buildings were doomed,  new permits have been posted for both number 250 and 252 Smith Street.
The DOB permit for 250 Smith Street is for the conversion of 'apartment at first floor to store (restaurant and bakery)" and to "create eating and drinking at cellar."  The owner is also seeking a new Certificate of Occupancy.
The permit for number 252 Smith Street is for a "horizontal extension of 8' and interior rehab to the existing building."
A crew was already working on number 252 this morning.
No new permits for number 254 as of yet.  Hopefully, the building will see some love as well.