Brooklyn Summer Street Styles....From 1987

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.52.11 AM
"Marnal Whitney in ivory leather pants and dramatic jacket 
waiting for a Seventh Avenue bus in the Slopes"
"Vanessa Crane and Janet Eisner seem harmless visitors to the Heights, 
but who knows behind those shades?"
"Robert Cavale in Park Slope in linen pants and a white silk jacket"
"Jan Andrew was dressed in contrasting black and white  patterns 
to present an arresting and graphic fashion statement"

"Firefighters West and Rogers of Park Slope's Brooklyn Squad 1, who appeared in recently designed OSHA togs, weren't out of place on Fashionable Seventh Avenue."
(Photos above by Kathryn Kirk)

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the post about 1970's Hipsters so much, here are some more Brooklyn street fashions, this time from May 1987.
The article and photos above appeared in The Phoenix, "the hometown newspaper of downtown Brooklyn's historic brownstone neighborhoods" that was published weekly from 1972 to 1998. According to reporter, Kathryn Kirk, "the Streets of Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope and Any City, USA, are filled with people in athletic attire. Sweat pants are the most recent fashion statement. Running shoes are de rigueur. T-shirts have evolved into an art form."

The captions that go with the photos are rather amusing.

And where did the 1980's Brooklyn Fashionista shop?  Well at A&S on Fulton Street and at Benetton and Two To Tango in Brooklyn Heights of course.

What were you wearing in Brooklyn in 1987?  Or any other year, for that matter.  Let's see your old snapshots from the past. Send them to me to this email address and  I will gladly post them here on Pardon Me.

* I would like to thank life-long South Brooklyn resident Celia Cacase for keeping some wonderful old Brooklyn newspapers.  When Celia moved away recently, she left her collection of papers behind and I have been archiving them along with several community friends.