This Sunday, St. Paul's Church To Host Talk On Global Warming And Climate Change

Keith Edwards 
photos below courtesy of St. Paul's

This Sunday, St. Paul's Episcopal Church at 199 Carroll Street will host a talk on climate change and global warming.  Keith Edwards, a parishioner of St. Paul’s, who attended a seminar last year given by Al Gore and his organization The Climate Reality Project,  will speak about this very important issue.
Here is further information on the event:

Keith Edwards to Speak on Global Warming and Climate Change This Sunday
Sunday, May 19 at 12:30 pm. in St Paul’s Church 
in the Rectory Library

Our planet is heating up, and carbon pollution is to blame. Despite overwhelming international scientific consensus on climate change, the global community still lacks the resolve to implement any meaningful solutions. Climate change is already happening, and it has entered our daily lives.

Keith Edwards, a parishioner of St. Paul’s is also a member of the Leadership Corps for the Climate Reality Project, an organization devoted to saving the planet. In 2012, he attended their conference that was given by former Vice President of the U.S., Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Chairman of the Climate Reality Project Al Gore.