Best Comment Of The Day: Fighting Over Less Public Place

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Gang Turf War In Carroll Park?":
The population of Brooklyn is way up. Ten years ago Carroll Gardens was said to have the highest population under the age of 8. Well those kids are now teens and they have to share less space with all the baby's and young children in our very small park.Why haven't the city planners anticipated the quality-of-life issues that were bound to emerge?The most fearful aspect of a deBlasio administration is his plans to pack thousands of new housing units in the area around the canal.
More people (and kids) fighting over less public space will require more aggressive policing just to keep a lid on things. So what can we expect from an administration that will pack us more densely together and lighten the policing at the same time? Will we all be able to live more peaceably together because the babies have pre-k classes being payed for by the wealthy?