Gowanus Herons: Making Their Home On The Edge Of A Superfund

This past Saturday, I came across the bird pictured above, who was sitting on the edge of the Gowanus Canal at Second Street.  Some of my readers have identified is as a green heron. (Someone else suggested it was a cormorant.)
I have seen them next to the toxic waterway before, but I never cease to be amazed by their majestic presence in such a foul environment.
I reached out to Gowanus resident Eymund Diegel, who canoes on the canal regularly.
Eymund sent along a few more photos of  herons and egrets that have been sighted in and around the Gowanus.
Rather amazing, aren't they?

 Egret, May 2011 photo credit: Eymund Diegel
Great Egret at the Gowanus Dredgers' dock at 2nd Street 
photo credit: Eymund Diegel
Black Crowned Night Heron photo credit Eleanor Hanlon
Green Herons on Gowanus Floating Garden
photo credit: Adam Katzman
Egret, April 2011 near birdhouse installed by Gowanus Conservancy 
photo credit: Eymund Diegel
Egret on Gowanus Conservancy Heron Platform at 2nd Ave and Gowanus Canal May 2013
photo credit: Eymund Diegel