Best Comment Of The Day: A Word From Assemblywoman Joan Milllman On Incidents In Carroll Park

Here is a comment from Assemblywoman Joan Millman's office on Monday's incident in Carroll Park:
Assemblywoman Millman spoke with the Captain this afternoon and the office spoke with Community Affairs this morning. We were told the same information about the two incidents in and around Carroll Park yesterday. Our office is inquiring as to what needs to be done for a stepped up on the ground presence at the park and the precinct is investigating if the two incidents are related and what caused these incidents. It appears the first incident may have involved teenagers they got out of school.
Once we have more information I will follow up. Want to remind the community of the next Precinct Community Council meeting on Oct 8th at the 76th Precinct House on Union St at 730pm.

The Assemblywoman's office can be reached at 718-246-4889 or