Gang Turf War In Carroll Park?


Information Regarding The Events Described Below From The 76th Precinct:
I just spoke with the 76th Precinct this morning. The police are actively investigating two incidents in Carroll Gardens.
-The first took place in Carroll Park in the afternoon and involved a group of teen-agers. The police is not aware of any weapons being used during this incident.
-The second incident involved gunshots near Carroll Park at around 7:50 PM.
As of this time, the 76th Precinct has not connected the two incidents. Officers are "aggressively" investigation both events. In the meantime, uniformed police will be patrolling in and around Carroll Park to prevent any further incidents.
The 76th Precinct encourages anyone with information to contact them directly at 718 834 3221.
I received report of a fight amongst teen-agers in Carroll Park yesterday afternoon at about 3:30 PM. Police responded quickly and EMT workers took one of the kids to the hospital.
This is not the first time kids get into a scuffle in the park, but apparently there was much more to the incident.
I just received an email from Reader Peter, who warns that there may have been weapons involved.
He writes:
"Brooklyn friends with kids: there is some kind of turf war going on in and around Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens. Tell your kids to steer clear. My son was with friends and they were attacked by a bunch of other kids with weapons. The cops said that later today, shots were fired as well. Max is okay after being knocked out by a blow to the back of the head and about 4 hours in the hospital. He's home now. But there's a Gowanus-Red Hook battle going on that kids need to keep out of. Sadly, the cops who took his report seemed not up to the task of keeping people safe and honestly, less intelligent that my 17 year old son. It kinda pissed me off. But most importantly, spread the word."

Further, I received additional information from a reader about the gunshots heard later in the evening.
Here is the reader's account:
"I am not sure whether this is related to the story about the “turf war” in Carroll Park yesterday, but it seems gunshots were fired in or just outside the Park (near corner of Carroll and Court Streets) at about 7:50 PM last night.  I was walking south on Court Street and had just passed the Park at that time when I heard about 7 shots coming from the direction of the Park.  I immediately ran into the Dunkin Donuts for shelter, and a bunch of people ran past, further south on Court Street.  A few minutes later police arrived, but I don’t know if they came to any conclusions or took any action."

And here is more crime news from the neighborhood,which is not related to the event in the park, but disturbing nonetheless. There seems to have been a stabbing on Luquer Street last night.
From a post on the BOCOCA Parent Group:
"Hi, Neighbors: I wanted to let you know that there was a mugging at knife point on Luquer Street between Clinton and Hamilton last night around 9 or 10 p.m. The male asked a woman for a cigarette and then stabbed her a few times."
(Please not that the stabbing has NOT been confirmed with the 76th precinct.)