Empty Smith Street Kiosks Continue To Be An Eye Sore In The Neighborhood

For quite a few years now, the three abandoned kiosks at the corner of Smith Street and Union Street have been real eyesores here in Carroll Gardens.
The kiosks and the tattered red and white tent right next to the containers, once housed the Brooklyn Indie Market, where local artisans sold their hand-made wares.  Since the end of 2010, however, the container-like-structures have been unused and unlocked.  Trash not only accumulates in them, they are also used as 'pissoirs' on a regular basis.  A few months ago, a homeless man was taking shelter in one of them.

Who exactly is responsible for the kiosks, the tent and the lot on which they stand is unclear. Some have indicated that the site belongs to the owner of the apartment building at the corner of Smith and President Streets, which houses Rite Aid.

Many in Carroll Gardens have expressed frustration that the dilapidated structures have not been removed in all these years and that trash is allowed to accumulate in and around them.
Most residents would welcome a small market, food stand or coffee concession.
There are indications that the site is eyed for a Citibike station, but that has not been confirmed.

In the last few days, someone named 'Mill' has posted a notice on the kiosks indicating that he is interested in renting the space.

And just two weeks ago, reader Lanie posted this comment on PMFA:
"I just talked to this landlord and he was very friendly and said he was cleaning it up in the next one to two months. Removing everything. Unfortunately, we'll add a billboard space there for revenue, not a nice landscaped area, but at least it will be cleaned up."

A billboard doesn't sound like the best option,  but if it means that the owner is going to take responsibility for his corner, it's better than nothing.

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