Illustrating Global Sea Level Rise With Benches: "The Gowanus Rising Bench Project"

If you haven't walked over the Union Street Bridge near Hoyt Street in the last few days, you may not yet have seen a row of wooden benches that are part of a very cool project by Raft, a "Brooklyn-based circle of builders and gardeners."
The project consists of seven benches which have been painted gradually in blue to illustrate how global sea level rise will affect the canal area.
Here is some additional information from Raft:
"The Gowanus area is a naturals saltwater marshland. Its banks have been built up with concrete embankments over the past hundred years.  During severe storms, the banks flood over these walls and into the surrounding streets.Global sea levels are expected to rise at least fifteen inches by the year 2050.Assembled, the benches will stand fifteen tall and will be installed on the western side of the Union Street thoroughfare between Nevins and Bond Street.  The Gowanus Rising Bench Project is designed and built out of discarded wood floors from the Meeker Avenue Flea Market in Greenpoint by Raft, a Brooklyn-based circle of builders and gardeners.The original piece was inspired by the remains of a bench left as trash on a Gowanus sidewalk. Each bench will be sponsored by a local business or individual who is committed to the responsible future development of the Gowanus neighborhood."
If you would like more information on the project or would like to sponsor a bench, leave your email address in a binder next to the installation at Union Street between the canal and Hoyt Street.

Also, at the same location, artist  Anne Deleporte has painted a mural entitled "Wet Water". Against a light blue background, Deleporte has added a series of incredibly whimsical images.  More detail here:  Showroom Gowanus

So don't miss walking across the Union Street Bridge past "The Rising Bench Project" and "Wet Water."